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The Gamer Inside I: Infatuated with Limbo
Ok so maybe I should be studying for exams but...
The new Devil May Cry with Dante is just awesome. Pure awesome sauce and the music is heavenly.
I'm serious, as soon as I finish my exams and pwn the shit out of people in Powder Puff foot ball this weekend I am going on the hardest level of Devil May Cry and I am going to beat it.
It's just too damn addicting and amazing.
And why! Why does Dante have to be so attractive?
Oh video games, it's been a while since I actually fan-girled over you properly, not since the X-Box release of Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe.
Ok so craziness be gine temporarily.
I need to study and damn Devil May Cry you are a sinful temptation.devil-may-cry-5-wallpaper


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