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xxboo_radleyxx's Journal

self-proclaimed cookie monster
I'm lazy.
My favourite food is Frozen Strawberries. My favourite dessert are cookies, green tea ice cream and rice pudding.
I love Bleach, Ouran Highschool Hostclub, Full Metal Alchemist, Beast Master and so many more but I have a slight love-hate relationship for Naruto (partially because we apparently act like each other and have the same birthday).
I am normally an unbiased reader but I must say with all the shipping wars with Bleach my jeans-marines hat goes off to IchiRuki and the tragic romance of Byakuya*Hisana, Kaien*Miyako, Isshin*Masaki and the temporary UlquiHime (I hope he returns from that pile of ashes like a pheonix from HP)
art and martial arts, challenging the social norm, comics, drawing when possible, everything but terrible wanna-bes, fighting for human rights, mangas, memoirs of a geisha, novels, shakespear, slum dog millionaire, snowboarding, watching old-fashion horror films, writing, young frankenstein